Pasta and Roasted Veggies

So, this is a pretty basic dinner, but the other night I roasted potatoes, mushrooms, and asparagus and made some pasta with spinach and ‘gary’ 🙂

First step; prepping the veggies, cutting them and covering lightly with olive oil and seasonings. I used black pepper and pink himalayan salt on all veggies, plus rosemary on the potatoes, oregano on the mushrooms, and garlic and lemon juice on the asparagus. Baked in the oven for 20+ minutes around 400-425 degrees Fahrenheit.

After baking the veggies 🙂 … I like them slightly crisp

Now onto the pasta, I used previously cooked multi-colour pasta. First, I started out with yellow onions and scallions in some olive oil with salt and pepper:


After they’ve gotten translucent, add the spinach.


Next, I added some chopped up slices of smoked gouda;



After the spinach has welted and the cheese has melted, add the cooked pasta and wa-la!


Cover with fresh scallions and enjoy !


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